三颗月亮下的小镇 Three Moons Over Milford

  • 导演: James Frawley Michael DeCarlo
  • 主演: 伊丽莎白·麦戈文 Teresa Celentano Sam Murphy
  • 类型: 喜剧 奇幻
  • 制片国家/地区: 美国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 集数: 9
  • imdb网址: tt0487229
  • 三颗月亮下的小镇剧情简介
      Episode Guide:
      A meteor has blasted the moon into three pieces. Now the people of Milford are living like there's no tomorrow, which means they're acting pretty peculiar. Newcomer Laura Davis is trying to live an ordinary life as a single mom to her two teenagers, but it's not easy when everyone around her is being anything but normal.
      EP02:Shoot The Moon
      Even though they've been thrown out of their house and into a yurt, the Davises try to maintain some normalcy. Lydia and Alex start at their new school and Laura begins working at Mack's law office. Mack represents Harris Hunsicker, the town grouch, in a land dispute that ends in a duel, and Alex finds the Davises another place to live, right next to Claire. Will it be too close for comfort?
      It's a triple full moon which means double trouble for the citizens of Milford. Laura feels pangs of jealousy when an old flame returns to spark Mack's interest. Alex faces relationship woes with Claire, and Lydia falls for a boy who isn't what he seems. With romance reaching a fever pitch no one is immune, not even all-business Michelle who tangles with a business associate in more ways than one.
      EP04:Moon Giver
      A local millionaire offers Laura an indecent proposal that could save the school unless his wife gets her way. Mack and Sarah Louise pick up where they left off, but will the sudden appearance of her son Jonah squelch their rekindled flame? Lydia goes with Jonah to a meeting of a group called "The Path," much to Kurt's chagrin, and after a humiliating episode involving German techno and a computer camera, Alex hops into a strange girl's camper headed for Alaska.
      EP05:Dog Day Aftermoon
      Laura is part of a hostage situation when a mild-mannered bank employee tries to nab a fortune, but with Mack's help, she devises a surprising plan to save the day. Meanwhile, Alex experiences a first and discovers that his traveling companion is keeping a big secret on ice. With crisis averted, Laura and Mack begin to realize how much they mean to each other, and Alex heads back to Milford after deciding that home really is where he wants to be.
      Mack's high school rival returns to Milford for a wrestling rematch. He says it's to set the record straight but Mack begins to wonder if he's not after something else besides glory… namely Sarah Louise or Laura. Alex returns a changed man and he's determined to change things around the house. For one, he's quitting school and secondly he's going to work for none other than Michelle Graybar. Meanwhile, Lydia sees another side of Jonah.

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